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"Super job done, very quickly, can definitely recommend this chap, and not expensive."

Denise Garner

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Carpets fitted in Blackpool, Lytham and Lancashire.

We have a huge selection of quality carpets with thousands of styles to choose from, including:


Stainfree Carpet                              100% Wool Carpet                  80:20% Wool Carpet


           Berber-Loop pile Carpet                   Natural Carpet               Shaggy Carpets

Our carpet suppliers include top quality manufacturers such as:


                      Ulster Aminster                  Georgian


                      Ryalux                                 Cavalier

                      Abingdon                             Furlongs

                      Cormar                                Associated Weavers

                      Victoria                               Leolan

                      Penthouse                           Brockway

                      Adam                                  And many more

We beat other carpet stores on Choice, Quality, Price and Service

We always have carpets, carpet tiles, stair carpet and bedroom carpets for sale at genuine competitive prices. We also stock vinyl flooring and rugs. We beat other carpet shops in Blackpool,  who offer massive discounts or cheaper quality carpets. Don't be fooled by offers of discounted prices or free fitting. Free fitting usually only applies if you buy underlay, so check out the prices. You will probably find they are not such cheap carpets.

So come and choose from our selection of over 1000 carpets. Call now to get measured up, there's no obligation. You can choose from our samples at home.


Phone 012533 392350

Top Tips when Buying a Carpet

Choose the right carpet for the space.

A carpet for the hall and stairs will need a harder wearing carpet  than a bedroom.

Consider the overall colour scheme.

Does the carpet need to be neutral or texture to compliment the furnishings, or coloured or patterned carpet to add impact to your room?

How much do you want to pay? Spend as much as you can afford.

Remember, the better the quality of carpet, the longer it will last and  continue to look good. Don�t forget to include the cost of underlay and other materials.

Get your room professionally measured.

If you are carpeting more than one room with the same carpet flooring, it maybe more economical to have them done at the same time. For example, you may be able to do the stairs and have enough left to carpet another room.

Buy new underlay, it will radically prolong the life of your carpets and make the carpet feel more luxurious.

Always have your carpet fitted professionally. Professional fitters stretch the carpet to fit so that the pile is upright. This means the carpet  will look at its best and increase its life by avoiding rucks and unequal wear.

Phone 01253 392350

Looking after your Carpet.

When a carpet is first laid there may be some fluffing or shedding of loose fibres but this is perfectly normal. Use a doormat as that will significantly reduce the rate at which the carpet will soil. Vacuum your carpet regularly. It is the girt in the pile that wears the fibres. Blot spills straight away with kitchen roll, tissue, or even a towel, if it�s a big spill, stand on the towel. Next, spray the area with a suitable carpet cleaner, there are excellent cleaners available.Have your carpet cleaned every 6-12 months either professionally or do it yourself.


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