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"Super job done, very quickly, can definitely recommend this chap, and not expensive."

Denise Garner

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Chris's Carpets Blackpool has a fantastic range of vinyl flooring in domestic and commercial ranges.

We have a massive choice of vinyl flooring by the likes of Rhinoflor, Leolan, Tarkett and many more.

There are many different styles such as wood effect, tile- effect, mosaic and glossy All our Vinyls have the R10 slip resistant rating, varing in thickness and wear layer.

Come and see over 500 vinyl floor styles on display in our shop

Phone or e-mail us and we will measure up for you with no obligation, you can select a vinyl in the comfort of your own home.


Phone 01253 392350

Vinyl flooring is available in an amazing range of colours and patterns, to suit everyone�s taste.

Vinyl is durable, stain and water resistant, easy to maintain and can be used almost anywhere in the home.

Sheet vinyl covers the floor in one piece creating a water resistant covering ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Chris's Carpets Blackpool will fit it for you as well

Many of our customers are from Blackpool but we also have many more clients who find it worth their while travelling from Lytham, Thornton, Kirkham, Fleetwood and Wesham.

Compared to alternative materials, vinyl makes a flexible and cost-effective flooring solution because it is:

Long lasting


Relatively inexpensive

Available in an amazing range of colours, patterns and textures

Easy to clean

Suitable for under-floor heating

Unlike vinyl sheet, vinyl tile is  DIY-friendly and can be a cost saver if you can fit it youself.

How Vinyl is Made

Vinyl is made up of different layers.

The top layer is clear vinyl which protects the flooring from damage. The thickness and quality of this layer determines the quality of the vinyl. The better the quality the longer the vinyl will continue looking good and wearing well. Underneath is a layer for the printed vinyl design, which is then fixed onto a backing.

Most vinyl tile will come either in the 'glueless' form, with adhesive tabs or spray adhesive, or in the peel 'n' stick self-adhesive form which also does not need glue.

Sheet vinyl floorings are produced via two manufacturing processes;



This method of construction involves forcing coloured vinyl granules onto a backing sheet where they are bonded together under heat and pressure.



This is the cheaper and more commonly used method of manufacture, which offers limitless possibilities for pattern and design.  

A thin layer of liquid vinyl is rolled and heated to form a tough sheet, this is then bonded to a felt backing. On top, a thin layer of vinyl coating is printed with the decorative pattern. A top skin, or �wear-layer of clear vinyl is then added to the surface to protect the printed surface.


Most vinyl sheet is made with a felt backing but some have a fiberglass backing, resulting in a more cushioning and usually more expensive. The felt backing may vary in thickness.

A thin layer creates Unbacked Vinyl.

A thick layer creates Backed Vinyl, which is warmer and softer to walk on.

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